Womens shoes crafted and made in Italy by renowned artisans


Renowned Artisans

The Coveted Artisans

Pure Artistry. Pure Tradition. Pure Excellence. When creating a product that requires high level of detailed finishes, technicality, and material, it can only be created through the preserved and time-honored techniques of renowned artisans. The dedication required to achieve this craft relies on the never-ending pursuit of perfection. These are the hands of the people working on some of the most iconic products in the world, known for their unmatched level of detail and quality. Our artisans are well-respected for their craft in luxury footwear, and it is this team that helps us bring our designs to life for the world to enjoy. The beautiful collaboration and direct connection between Amehra and the artisans represents a passion for hand crafted luxury.

Progressive Craftsmanship

Nothing matters without the right people that make the magic happen in creating luxury shoes. They are committed to their artistry with an ethical mindset, while understanding sustainability as an ever-growing key element that is important for the future. Just as we have elevated the creativity in designing shoes, we know that the element of responsible practices shall be considered in parallel. Providing this level of excellence and integrity is a mutual trust with our partners, and by doing it the right way, with the right artisans, and the right people involved along the supply chain, enables us to achieve the proper path forward. The artisans stay true to the dedication and tradition in their craft required to achieve the desired outcome. Being Made in Italy represents production of the products, including the upper, the outsoles, as well as assembly and final finishing. Elevated quality in everything we do.

Intricate Details

To truly create a beautiful pair of shoes, there are techniques involved that take years of experience to perform. Everyone involved specializes in various steps of the process, and their incredible attention to detail is evident. The level of technology implemented to further enhance their operations is a clear indicator to how they continuously invest as part of their commitment. The techniques and skills the artisans carry allows us to efficiently collaborate closely to ensure consistency is an overarching achievement in every aspect of our details. Each design considered carries a symmetrical balance between the technical placement and millimeter sizing of each strap, ensuring perfect synchronization between modern chic and functionality.