White leather sandal made from sustainable material with tropical flowers

Chic Meets Responsible

Amore Sandal
Black leather slingback pump made from sustainable material

Elevated Essentials

Casual Love Slingback
Peach GOTS satin sandal with Swarovski crystals

Breakout Star

Bella Sandal
Black patent leather sandal made from sustainable material
Minimalistic Chic
Shop Amore
Black leather sandal with transparent PVC heel
Clearly The One
Shop Allure
Peach GOTS satin sandal with Swarovski crystals

The Beauty Of

Luxury Craftsmanship

Time honored techniques achieved through the never ending pursuit of perfection by renowned artisans. Welcome to the world of Amehra.


Sustainable Growth Strategy

Our strategic approach to sustainable growth is interconnected with our creative designs, our direct connection with our renowned artisans, and the specialty suppliers we source from. As a creative brand designed with enabling positive influence in the luxury industry, we recognize that sustainability is an ever-growing interest amongst consumers.

We believe the elements of Creativity, People and Responsibility will be key success factors and differentiators for our growth in the industry. Achieving these elements in a consistent manner enables us to have positive impacts. As we pursue our long-term growth, so will our competitive advantage representing the three elements mentioned here.